Walking Tennis

What! You actually don’t run?

Yes indeed, it might seem strange to play tennis without running – indeed the rule no.1 is that you can’t run (technically, you have to have at least one foot on the ground at all times).  But there are two more rules which make it work.  Rule no.2: you use orange spot balls are used (also used by juniors) which means the balls don’t bounce so high.  Rule no.3: When you hit the ball your second bounce must land in the court. This means it becomes more a game of strategy than a game of power.

What age is it for?

Like with other walking sports many older people play who no longer want to play the running game. But it’s also popular with tennis players coming back from injury, and it’s also great for beginners wanting to build up their confidence with hitting the ball.

It’s social and relaxed too…

There are no dress rules; wear whatever you want to – although trainers are strongly recommended.  Bring a water bottle on warm days. If you don’t have your own racket bring it along just ask the coach to borrow one in advance.  We encourage Walking Tennis players to stay for a social coffee after (please bring a pound for the pot) and we encourage members to bring a cake to share on occasion. In time we hope to also offer a free ‘Stay and Play’ afterwards for members.

What else do I need to know?

It happens at Congresbury Tennis Club (BS49 5DW) every Monday morning 10:30 to 11:30am (starting 9th March 2020).  Sessions are run by level 3 tennis coach Stuart Bannerman on the newly resurfaced courts.  It costs just £7.50 for the hour (which pays for the coach and balls).  If you join Congresbury Tennis Club the price drops to £5 (there is a reduced Walking Tennis membership for £70).

Ring Stuart on 07593 456869 or email WalkingTennis@congresburyLTC.net to have fun and join.