Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis – a new way to get fit – and have Fun!

What is it?

Well it’s quite like tennis…you bring a tennis racket and a bottle of water, and the coach brings the balls.   Cardio Tennis is a mixture of running and tennis drills for a high-intensity workout lasting just under an hour – with breaks!  During the hour you get to do lots of different drills such as hitting balls on the run then racing around the outside of the court – with regular breathers and rehydration breaks between each.

Why is it so popular?

To start with you don’t need to be good at playing tennis.  There are no games or matches, it doesn’t matter if the ball flies into the fence on every shot and the aim is to keep going until the end.  It’s run by a qualified tennis coach and will improve your tennis, but the focus is on keeping your heart rate up to improve your fitness. The level of the class will vary a little depending on the fitness of the group – but you can go as fast or as slow as you like and the coach will adapt to the group.

What do you need?

Turn up in your trainers and regular workout gear, casual sports clothes or a tracksuit. Bring a water bottle and possibly a towel in the summer.  If you have a racket bring it along, but don’t worry if you don’t, as there are usually spares available to borrow – just ask the coach in advance.

What else do I need to know?

It happens at Congresbury Tennis Club (BS49 5DW) every Monday morning 9:15 to 10:15am from 9th March 2020.  Sessions are run by level 3 tennis coach Stuart Bannerman and the newly resurfaced courts.  Just £7.50 for the hour (which pays for the coach and balls).  If you join Congresbury Tennis Club (£120; 20% discount for new members) the price drops to £5 andyou can also join club social tennis sessions for free. 

Ring Stuart on 07593 456869 or email to have fun and join.